Finish hard, empty the tanks, give everything you’ve got and you’ll get the best time you possibly could that day! – Josh Crosby on Rowing 2,000 Metres"

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an indoor rower or an outdoor rower, beginner or veteran, Josh Crosby believes that everyone can cultivate their inner athlete. No matter what stage of fitness you are, being able to see progress and improvement is important for rowing smarter and getting the best results.

In this rowing video, Josh Crosby uses First Degree Fitness’ E316 indoor rower to demonstrate that getting a personal best time in the 2,000m row is as much about fitness as it is about strategy.

Start with short strokes

Going in with all guns blazing is not necessarily the way to get your best time. After all, you’re more likely to tire yourself out faster by using up all your energy early. Josh recommends easing into rowing, by taking three short strokes, increasing stroke length gradually. Make your fifth stroke the first full stroke you take. From there follow up with 10 quick strokes to get into your stride.

Get comfortable to reach the half way mark

The best thing to do next is get comfortable. Settle into a steady pace up to the 1,000m mark. Build up a rhythm to get through the first half of the race before deciding if you can give a little more.

Approach the second half of the race in 10 stroke chunks

As you enter the second half of your workout, you might start to tire out. Josh says to switch your focus on getting through 10 strokes at a time. Try focusing on something new for every repetition, such as technique, pacing, or timing. The focus here is maintaining pace as you whittle down the distance towards the end of your workout.

Finish hard on an empty tank

Josh recommends stepping it up in the last leg of the race, using all your power to make a final sprint to the end. It’s important to hang on in the final 200m to finish hard.

Josh Crosby is an ultra-endurance athlete, Ironman World Champion competitor and World Champion rower.



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