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Power Press

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A concentric power training device, Power Press™ is a fluid resistance squat press machine. Supporting full body power training movements that engage most major muscle groups in a single motion, this is the perfect trainer to practice controlled Olympic style lifts without the risk of getting hurt, overwhelmed or intimidated. By eliminating the eccentric phase of the lift, Power Press™ safely trains technically challenging exercises, such as an isolated military press, ensuring strong form at peak power. The beauty of FDF’s patented Fluid Force means that after the user drives up and reaches the top of a movement, there is no weight coming back down – it disappears to support high intensity, high volume workouts with limited recovery time.


How to use FPZ Press / Brochure


Fluid PowerZone Press in action!


Examples of Movement Combinations:

  • Squats or reverse lunge
  • Full body squat press or reverse lunge press
  • Traditional overhead press (military press)
  • Overhead squat or reverse lunge - arms extended (mimics Olympic style training)