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Power Erg

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Power Erg™ is an anterior chain and functional trainer, supporting full body pulling movements that combine body weight and fluid resistance to achieve an impact free workout. The adjustable Fluid Force allows the user to create greater resistance throughout the entire range of motion while training at peak power.

Targeting the core, triceps, lats, glutes and quads, the design of Power Erg™ creates an inertial mass that is not only influenced by Fluid Force but also by the load of your own body weight as you push up from a squat position.


How to use FPZ Erg / Brochure


Fluid PowerZone Erg in action!


Examples of Movement Combinations:

  • Lat pull ski pattern – alternating lat pull swim pattern – triceps extension – diagonal downward chopping pattern
  • Parallel and split stance options
  • Diagonal pattern pulling, chopping and swinging