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Power Cube

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Power Cube™ is an effective posterior chain and functional trainer, working the biggest and strongest muscles in the body at a high volume, without overloading. The foundation of Power Cube™ is the deadlift, making it a great core trainer and accessible to any ability.

Designed to support complex lifting routines, consisting of a sequence of several exercises, Power Cube™ removes the weak muscular or mechanical link of traditional weight training to provide a Progressive Concentric Load Cycle™ to the targeted muscles. You can train at peak power throughout the entire range of motion.


How to use FPZ Cube / Brochure


Fluid PowerZone Cube in action!


Examples of Movement Combinations:

  • Dead lift - high pull - bent row - high curl
  • High curl - high pull - bent row - dead lift
  • Diagonal pattern pulling, chopping and swinging for upper and lower extremity work